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Sometimes when the Holy Spirit reveals to us dangerous spiritual doors that have been opened, we often make up excuses on why and how they got open in the first place. "Well I didn't know, I was raised with that, I don't do it for that, It's just me having innocent fun etc.

We don't stop to think that evil spirits need an entrance to ravish your body and mind spiritually. For example, GOD says in HIS word to shun the very appearance of evil, so therefore, horror movies go right into that category along with the tarot cards and dirty movies and music and magazines. All the enemy needs a crack and he will make the most of that crack. Let me tell you, he's not coming alone! This is why people have the hardest times breaking stubborn habits and being delivered from these generational bondages. Remember that everything we feed ourselves spiritually is what we become. We have to stop making excuses to stay in sin and bondage. It's not acceptable to GOD. We have to face our issues head on and take a stand against the kingdom of darkness. Here's examples of bondage that are so common in our society, its looked at as normal. Alcohol addiction, drugs or prescription drugs, marijuana, sexual immorality such as fornication and homosexuality, rage, narcissism and depression. There is a whole lot more but here's the few. Do know there is a demonic spirit behind the each of these listed and if you avoid the issue, it won't go away. but will get worse. satan's job is to lie, kill, steal and destroy so these are the devices he uses. The next upcoming series, I will be speaking on how to fight and have victory over these evils with prayer and fasting and how to live life walking in the spirit of GOD which is the Holy Spirit. I hope this blesses you as always.

Be blessed!

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