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Before I go into the upcoming series in deliverance, We must take this moment to sit back and look at our relationship with GOD. Let's sum it all up. Do you really believe you are in right relationship with GOD? Do you really know whether or not heaven would be your home in the event you were to breathe your last breath? Do you mean what you say when you pray and confess your sins before GOD? Are you living a life that GOD is pleased with? I don't think any of us can truly say GOD is fully pleased with the way we live our lives. Nevertheless, its your heart intent that makes all the difference with GOD. It's not that we don't mess up from time to time, we just don't habitually live a life that goes against GOD's word. One thing we have to always keep in mind is how we grieve the Holy Spirit when we sin. The thought of knowing how sin breaks HIS heart should be motivation to give GOD the best of us! In this world we live in, it's chaotic, immoral, sick, and disgusting the things that go on and what is now looked at as normal. The lost don't stop to think about if GOD was to part open the clouds with HIS sword, this world would be in trouble. Do you know that there are some people that die in the middle of committing sin? How horrible would it be to die in the middle of doing something that you knew was wrong and GOD would judge it. What do you say before the GOD of the whole universe? Do you justify? or do you blame it on your upbringing? Or do you simply say, you didn't know? The truth is, there will be no room for excuses or justification when we go before GOD! Your best option is to choose CHRIST today!!!! Don't put off! Don't wait! Your next breath could be required of you. There's no time for sorry on the other side. You are either in or out. Hell is not only real, but it is eternal. its far beyond worse than the human mind could ever imagine. JESUS died so you wouldn't have to go there. Choose CHRIST! choose life! Time is running out. Make the decision today to accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD AND SAVIOR and LIVE!

GOD bless! Peace...

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