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Are you saved or pretending to be?

Question of the day. Am I really saved? or am I one of those people who go through the normal routine of going to church, jump, sing and shout with the pastor of your choice that really may not be telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the requirements for salvation? You hear the same riddles and rhymes that tickle your itching ears to make you feel good and comfortable with your sin and then you say the sinners prayer and go home feeling the same way you did when you walked in. No conviction, just sing and go home. Or you may have been to a church where the pastor gives you the raw word of GOD so potent, to where you can't digest the truth for what it is, so you leave because you got cut and stabbed in your soul from GOD'S sharp word? Of course we all want to hear how great and special we are and how GOD loves us and wants to bless us. This of course will never be far from the truth. However, though we serve a loving GOD and HE adores us as HIS children, we cannot pretend or front like there aren't some things in our life that GOD isn't trying to get rid of. None of us are perfect, but of course we must strive and stay planted in GOD'S word which is part of HIS commandments. GOD said in HIS word that if we love HIM we will obey HIS commandments. Guess what? when you truly love someone, you shape your life into doing things that please that person and everything you can not to hurt that person. With GOD, we must always be mindful of that. HE gave HIS life for us to have life. When you understand what GOD requires, it will be a whole lot harder to sin. Truth be told, none of us are completely obedient. This is why we should make repentance apart of our daily regimen as a believers. True children of GOD repent and don't make a habit of sinning. Yes you will fall, but its about what you do after you fall. Do you repent? do you feel hurt for hurting GOD? or do you go on pretending and hold onto the 'nobody's perfect" mentality. Let's start being real with GOD. Talk to HIM. Be real with HIM! be open with HIM about your struggles and your issues with sin. GOD is loving and HE understands where we are in our lives, but nevertheless, HE will not leave you in that place! HE doesn't want to. You are better off confronting the sin and bringing it before GOD rather than pretend and play church. GOD hates hypocrisy, so keep it real. So yes, get in that bible. Read and fall in love with HIS word. Go back to the church where you got cut and stabbed from that heavy word from GOD. Surgery never feels good after, but you are all the more grateful when the infection is cut out! BE REAL WITH GOD AND COMMIT YOUR LIFE TO HIM. Be blessed!!!!!

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