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Beware of the ankle weights....

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Before I start with the series of deliverance one step at a time, I want to talk about ankle weights. When you think of ankle weights, the first thing that comes to mind is some equipment used in exercising. Well in this case in particular, this is different. I'm talking from a spiritual perspective. Whenever you are seeking GOD to deliver you from a certain stronghold or setback in your life, you will have opposition working against you on every level. For example, let's say its alcohol. It's not unusual to have drinking buddies if you have a strong appetite for drinking. We as humans have a tendency to surround ourselves with the environments that we are comfortable with. Of course none of your drinking buds will discourage you from putting down the bottle because they aren't spiritually strong to do it themselves. So you hear a word from GOD through a message at church or even a frightening wakeup call with a near miss experience and you are convicted to the point of turning away from it. Do you honestly think the enemy will just let you walk away from his devices just like that? of course not. Opposition comes along with the temptation with the very people you entertained in all this. They want you to go out with them, hang with them or even bring the temptation to you. One of the hardest things in life when it comes to turning away from addictions, is getting others to respect the fact you don't want to be apart of that sin anymore. People that are still battling, will bring you down with them especially if they are still in bondage. They will talk about you and even isolate others from you. You will experience full blown rejection and loneliness if you are not holding tight to GOD. The beautiful part of this process is that GOD is showing you in so many words the conversations that were had about you when you weren't around. HE is showing you also, HE specializes in filling voids. When turning away from sin, beware of the ankle weights that fight so hard to keep you in bondage. Don't look down on them but rather pray them through as well. The same GOD that delivered you will be the same GOD that will deliver them. Visit 1 Peter 4:4 in reference to this topic As always, Be blessed!

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