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Dangerous Doors

We have all participated in various things that were extremely dangerous to us spiritually as well as physically and even mentally. GOD says in HIS word to abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) . This clearly means that if it looks evil, sounds evil, the chances of you picking up demonic spirits are very great. These doors can include certain music, movies and you even have to be careful of what you read or come into contact with on social media. the enemy has traps all over the world and has moved with the technology of today. Evil is now at your finger tips how demonically convenient right? You can engage in many evils through a smartphone. GOD wants us to be HOLY for HE is HOLY. That doesn't mean you won't fall or fail, but it does mean you are dedicating as much of your heart as you possibly can to move closer to GOD. I encourage you to spend much time with GOD and focus on what makes HIM draw closer to you. Also be mindful of what draws HIM away so that you can do everything you can to stay away from certain things. Here is list and why we should never open certain doors.

Tarot cards and horoscopes- GOD never permitted us to look to other sources for information concerning our lives! GOD says never to entreat or seek mediums and sorcerers for information! Leviticus 19:31 GOD is speaking to the children of Israel using HIS servant Moses. GOD says do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or those who consult dead spirits. You defile your spirit when you take that route and you open the doors to the very devils that want to defile and kill you. That practice opens the doors to death spirits, stagnancy, confusion, paranoia, lack of sleep along with many other spiritual torments. If you need any kind of knowledge or info seek GOD and a great start is through HIS word. You cant go wrong using the word of GOD! GOD loves you and HE wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. Feel free to call upon HIM! HE will never leave or forsake you. Remember this is a dangerous door to seek counsel outside of GOD'S will! Turn to GOD and HE will direct you. Stay tuned for the next door to stay away from.

Be blessed! Peace.

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