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Dangerous Doors Part 2

Have you ever wondered how is it possible for a family to die or experience the same bondages as the previous relatives? for example, Dad was an alcoholic, his son or daughter was an alcoholic or the rest of the other family members died from the same illness. Cancer, heart attack, diabetes etc. These happenings aren't what people look at as "life or natural causes," These are generational curses. GOD said in HIS word when HE was speaking to the children of Israel, what HE required from them in order to live long life and be prosperous as well as their children unto the future generations. ( Read Deuteronomy 28:58 and also Leviticus 20:6 ) where GOD warns HIS people against seeking familiar spirits also known as mediums and wizards. These practices open the doors to death spirits and a life of wandering and vagabond spirits! GOD said if you engage in these practices, is to defile your spirit, for we are to seek GOD for information about our lives and direction. I have witnessed penalties that unraveled in my own family as a result of these abominable practices. These rotten spirits not only open the doors to premature death, but a person engaging in these practices become a magnet to bad relationships. A person will experience delays in getting married and if they do, that marriage will be hell bound or won't last leaving that person going from one divorce to another. A person will experience instability unable to stay in one place moving from one job to another even leaving good jobs on top of that! Never content with anything or anyone, always in a state of indecisiveness and confusion. Incurable or unexplained sicknesses will show up which all of course leads to the spirit of death ultimately. Barrenness, courage, relationships, you name it, will all end up in turmoil all because of the engagement in sorcery. No matter how the world dresses up these practices, GOD calls these things abominable! They are dangerous and can cost you eternity in hell if one doesn't repent and turn away from these practices! These practices open the door to generational curses causing that family lineage and those not even born to catch hell unknowingly all because of the rejection of GOD'S HOLY commands. Stop and think about it. Look at the family pattern. If you are unsure, ask the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal to you the unknown in that area and ask for HIS forgiveness on the behalf of not only yourself, but your ancestors as well. Whether they are called spiritists, spiritual psalmists, treators, witches, warlocks or black magic practitioners, these things are dangerous, abominable & detestable to GOD! The Bible has so many references in relation to these things, its no wonder there was so many deaths and judgement against the children of Israel. Remember, if GOD says no? OBEY HIS WORD and don't make up excuses or reasons to challenge the word of GOD to justify or to fit your lifestyle. There are great blessings and rewards for those who follow GOD'S word! Don't kid yourself, GOD is a rewarder of those who seek HIM and obey HIS commandments!


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