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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

We are all guilty of this. We live in a world where there is constantly things running back and forth in our minds to capture our attention and pull us away from spending that alone time with GOD. It's amazing how we make time to do the things that don't benefit us and yet we neglect the very one that wakes us up very morning, along with providing the very air we breath. We consume ourselves with so much social media and sports, to where by the time its time to put in some alone time to meditate on GOD'S word, we are spiritually exhausted or we just simply rather not do it. Ever notice that when you start to read your Bible, you become sleepy? or suddenly the phone keeps going off with alerts when that whole day you never heard from anybody? Or what about that friend that calls you with the latest tea (gossip) and the minute you engage in the conversation, you get hooked. It's almost as if the enemy watches you so close that when he sees you trying to do something for GOD, he throws in a curve ball. The truth of this matter is that yes, satan watches us closely. satan is very crafty and has mastered the art of distraction to the point that you can even think you are doing something for GOD when you are really doing opposite of what HE has instructed you to do. Look at it this way. Anything that GOD is calling you to do is going to be challenged by the enemy. In the book of Jasher, it talks about the opposition Abraham faced when he was in the process of attempting to sacrifice his only son. satan continuously sent distractions harrassing Abraham and even tried to guilt trip Abraham into thinking he was wrong for sacrificing his only son. satan has never given up on trying to overthrow the move of GOD. later on in the Bible we would learn JESUS would go through the same opposition not only with satan himself, but with one of HIS closest disciples Peter. Though we serve a patient and loving GOD, it doesn't give us the right to hold onto excuses not to give GOD our time. We make time for the things we want to do, so when we make GOD our number one priority, everything else will eventually follow into place. Here are some helpful tips on overcoming distractions when it comes to the FATHER'S BUSINESS...

Silence your phone or better yet, flip it over after you silence it!

Cut off the Tv. GOD needs your undivided attention

Be more mindful of conversations you engage in. Put a cork in the flow of negativity

Play soft worship music. music laced with the spirit of GOD

Find a quiet place to spend time with GOD.

Read your Bible sitting up. i find personally when i lay down reading the bible, I set myself up to doze off!

Pray for peace of mind.

Be Blessed!

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