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Greater days ahead!

If you are feeling down and disgusted with some things in life, well here is some encouragement. As I was reading Romans 8, It talks about living in the spirit. When we live to satisfy our flesh, we tend to end up feeling more emptier and more useless than we did before. When people upset us or don't meet all of our grand expectations, we have a tendency to hold on to that as a reason to not forgive just so we can be comfortable holding on to everybody's faults. This is why it is so important to live life in the spirit. Not the spirit of the flesh, but the spirit of GOD which gives us peace, joy, love and hope that we can't get out of the flesh. GOD is all knowing and loving. HE knows every intent and motive of the heart. With that being stated, HE knows we are far from perfect, far from flaws and most of the time, battle with that flesh that seems to win time after time. HE knows that we are imperfect beings that were born and shapen in iniquity and born out of sin. This of course isn't a pass for us to continue living in sin, but to know we serve a great GOD that understands and wants to help us through this journey called life. Though we are born into sin, we don't make a life out of sin. When we throw our hands up in the air with this flesh and surrender to GOD, HE is there to pick up the pieces. HE will guide you and in HIM you will find rest. From my personal experiences, I found that when I lived mainly to satisfy my flesh, life was harder. My health was worse, my money management was horrible and I could never find genuine peace. I was always moving but going nowhere. GOD broke me down in 2016 and stripped me of the things that I thought I needed for fulfillment. When I was at my lowest point in life in a pool of tears, HE came to my rescue. I began to feel guilty later on for neglecting HIM and looking for happiness and fun in the place of HIM. Though I didn't deserve for HIM to ever speak to me again, HE still showed up and slowly but surely repaired my life when I surrendered unto HIM. I can only speak from what HIS word says and from my own personal experience. No matter what you have done, JESUS loves you to death literally. Nothing you have done has changed HIS love for you. GOD has storehouses filled with the promises and blessings just for you. But you cannot access fulfillment and all that HE has to offer without having a genuine relationship with HIM. You have to trust HIM and spend time with HIM. Look for ways to please GOD. Ask HIM to come into your heart and HE will put back the torn pages that were ripped out your life in the midst of serving the flesh. Money wont do it, Relationships won't do it, Men & women won't do it, drugs or alcohol won't do it. You have greater days ahead of you! Accept CHRIST and HIS plans for your life! I promise you will not regret it! Be Blessed as always!

Romans 8:1

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