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Look up!

I remember once upon a time it was a big deal to learn how to write in script. Well I tell you what, writing in script is great, but nothing is like when you can write in pain. When you can write in pain, that is something that the majority of GOD’S people can relate to because you know as a child of GOD, at some point in your life, you will experience pain!

Yes, you have heard the word tracks of it’ll’ be greater later, or change is coming, or double for your trouble etc. You probably are at some point in your life to where you are tired of hearing the same lines over and over, but nothing seems to be moving. Well believe it or not, here is some good news!

For one? GOD does not lie like mankind. GOD is true to HIS word because it is written, HE exalts HIS word above HIS name! (Psalms 138:2)

That means, HIS promises of peace are in concrete for those that love HIM! If you really love the LORD, do you know that HE loves and thinks about you everyday? The bible is a book filled with love letters from the LORD and we are not to take this lightly. Remember how HE wrote the ultimate love letter to you from the cross of calvary. Those nails were the pens. HIS blood was the ink. The tree HE bled on was the paper. (not to mention paper comes from trees)

The next time you feel overwhelmed and distressed, think about the beautiful love letters HE left behind for you. It is not HIS will for you to live in hurt, stress or depression. Ask HIM for HIS peace that surpasses all understanding and HE will indeed give it to you with no questions asked. Don’t look down, Look up!

If you haven’t made JESUS CHRIST your LORD and SAVIOUR, what are you waiting for? This world is quickly coming to a close and now is the time to make a decision for your eternal home! HE loves you. HE not only died for you, but HE left this earth many years ago to go and get your new home with HIM ready rent free, no disrespectful neighbors, fresh floors of gold and a new eternal body to match!

Accept HIS beautiful gift of salvation and make HIM LORD OF your life. You will not regret it! Say this prayer from your heart.

Lord, I know that I cannot save myself. You said whosoever would call upon the name of you my LORD, shall be saved. I believe with all my heart you died, you were buried & in three days and you rose again seated in highest honor at the right hand of the Father. I believe you are coming back for me. I want heaven to be my home. I want to be with you. I decree and declare you LORD over my life. Now and forever! By my confession, I repent of every sin I have commited against you and I am sorry. I ask that you would wash me in your blood. I ask that you would place my name in the Lamb’s book of life. Thank you my LORD for saving me! In JESUS NAME


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