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Love GOD for real.......

When you love the LORD for real, you obey HIS commandments. When you

genuinely love someone, you listen to that person's wants and needs. Your focus is to please that person and do as much as you can not to hurt or offend that person. GOD understands we are not perfect, but HE also knows the ones that don't fear HIM and live a lifestyle playing with HIM. When you get to the point where you love HIM, its not as easy to sin freely like you would normally would in times past before knowing HIM. 1 Peter 4:8 says love covers a multitude of sins, so when you really love GOD, you are very mindful of the things that offend HIM. Lying won't be easy to do, cursing won't be easy to do, hating your brothers and sisters won't come easy either. We have to be the children that love HIM for real for real! Meaning I love you too much to hurt you. Unfortunately as sinners, we won't make the cut every time, but if you keep a repentant heart, with the intent to turn from the sin, you are headed in the right direction. Rules of thumb. If you want to say something ugly, Pray first and think second. Before you hit send, think of who is watching you. If you are aware of the GOD that is watching you, you won't feel you have to delete it later. Think far in advance on consequences. Think in all things. Love in all things.

Watch GOD move on your behalf!

Be blessed for real for real!

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