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Never withhold praise!

It can be thank you LORD , HALLELUJAH, a song, a dance for GOD, however the HOLY SPIRIT prompts you to do it, go ahead and do it. HE deserves it. HE is worth it. When HE gave HIS life so we would live, you would think that would be more than enough right? Well HE didn't stop there! HE after dying, went to prepare that home for us if we accepted HIM and made reservations with THE FATHER for us to be with HIM forever. If that wasn't more than enough, HE blesses us here on earth in the meantime! Just breathing is a gift alone from GOD! We live in a society filled with idolatry and distractions to keep our focus off of the very one who deserves all the attention and spotlight. I was reminded in my personal life testimony of a very dear moment in how HE was with me even in the midst of me doing wrong and HE even gave me the opportunity to get it right before HIM. Have you ever got caught in the crossfire of sin red handed and GOD showed up and vindicated you? That's where I was. I was caught in the line of fire and GOD stood in the midst and made a way of escape for me even though I was so undeserving of it.

We fail to realize how much we don't deserve anything from GOD. HE has given us everything when all we have done in return is sinned and complained. YET! HE still comes through when we call HIM and HE listens to our prayers and forgives our sins. It has always been a mystery to me on why HE loves us so much and why HE puts up with us the way HE does, but then I got to be reminded that GOD IS LOVE. So when GOD does anything for you, always thank and praise HIM because we have more than enough to thank HIM for.

I believe we are all in arrears in praise owed to THE FATHER. Those car accidents that didn't happen, or the ones that did happen and HE spared you. The diseases HE kept off of you and if you were ill, HE healed you. If you can read this blog, that's a clear indication that GOD is not only in your midst, but HE spared you! We have a lot to praise GOD for. Take the time out of HIS day that you have been blessed to see, and praise HIM! Remember! HE is worthy!

Be blessed!

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