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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

At some point in life, we have all experienced pain at some point whether it was the loss of a loved one, abandonment of a spouse or parents, the list runs long nowadays. One thing we can be certain, is the fact that though darkness surrounds us on a consistent day to day basis, we can find comfort in knowing GOD will never abandon us or forget about us. As humans we fail to realize that a lot of times, these heartaches stem from our previous devotion to idolatry to the very things that fail us. For example, we can put things like money, family and spouses before GOD! This is very wrong in on every level! Of course GOD knows you love your family, but nevertheless, we are not to place these fleshly beings over HIM!

For example, When GOD blessed you with that new job you begged HIM for, you got so caught up in the chase of making money, you stopped attending church service, you work to the point of exhaustion, leaving no time to pray and spend time with GOD. Sounds familiar? Or what about that new baby GOD opened your womb with. Now your caught up in the high of being a new mom or just in baby bliss to the point you don’t think about spending time with GOD. And last but not least, the new spouse or relationship has posed a distraction in your life to where you are not seeking GOD as much as you were when you were single.

So the baby gets sick, the job cuts your hours and the spouse files for divorce then what you do? You get on your knees and call on that faithful GOD that you serve and cry out to HIM. We go on and on about our issues, but not once apologize for the heartache we have caused our FATHER. Even when we were doing us, HE remained faithful and kept a safe reachable distance on when you would call on HIM, he would be sure to answer. Now isn’t that a loving FATHER!

I encourage anyone reading this blog to step back and evaluate some things in your life. What is taking your attention away from GOD? Do you have a spiritual balance in your life when it comes to GOD? Would GOD be pleased with your decisions? Have a talk with GOD! Spend time with HIM. And most importantly, make HIM LORD in your life! And keep HIM FIRST!!!!


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