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Phase 1 to recovery

Before I begin the series on the road to recovery, Let me first touch on this. If you are struggling with accountability and finger pointing, this will hinder your progress. As easy as it is for us to point the finger and shift the blame onto people from your past or in your upbringing, you have already lost the battle. Yes there are some things that people have done to bring about hurt and offense in our lives, but JESUS has already given us the mandate in regards to dealing with others that have hurt us. We must release the offenders. We have to let them go. This is not an option. Your soul depends on it. We release others because of the very fact that we have also hurt others and in return, we want to receive the same mercy and forgiveness. Think about this, it's not worth you missing out on a life of peace and breakthrough!

The next important ingredient is after you have given it to GOD, forgive yourself and fill your spirit the affirmations from GOD. (examples) I am the righteousness of GOD (2 Corinthians 5:21

I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalms 139

I am a new creature in CHRIST 2 Corinthians 5:17

These are a few beautiful affirmations to encourage you from GOD's Holy word to fill your spirit with peace and love. You must constantly remind yourself who you are in CHRIST!

There is nothing satan hates more than a child of GOD that is constantly affirming their spirit with the word of GOD. When you have those promises engraved in your soul, you make satan's job harder because chances are that if we believe it with all our heart and soul, we will live that!

In the next upcoming blog, I will have a list of things that believers and non believers may have tampered with in the present and past that cause hinderances and strongholds. I will be discussing different practices that can and will open spiritual doors in your life that the enemy may use to keep a foothold in your life. May the peace of GOD keep you always!

Be blessed! Peace.

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