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Preparation mode!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

There is a lot of us that want to be delivered and set free from different strongholds or addictions, but don't realize that in order to move to the next step, you have to deal with heart issues. Heart issues meaning unforgiveness or resentment. Did you know that resentment or holding grudges can make you physically sick? Do you know that you are in danger of an eternity without GOD in a place called hell because GOD said in HIS word how can you say you love HIM, but don't love your brother or sister? HE also says forgive others so that your sins may be forgiven. We cannot see the FATHER with unforgiven sin. Remember if we don't forgive, HE won't forgive. (Ephesians 4:32, Luke 17:3-4, Luke 6:37)

There is so many scriptures on forgiveness, we have 0 excuses. Do you realize your breakthrough can be just some forgiveness away? When you release the offender, you are now free to go to the FATHER in JESUS name and ask HIM for what you need from HIM. This is the first step in getting into preparation mode to be delivered and of course after that you go into repentance. See, satan uses resentment as his foundation to build on to keep you in bondage. As long as you stay in offense, he got you where he wants you! This is why some people are full of the high blood pressure, heart problems and lack of sleep. This comes from unforgiveness! Don't let offense keep you from what GOD has for you. If you are struggling with unforgiveness, bring it before the FATHER and ask for his help with the situation. Forgiving people is not easy! matter fact, it's one of the most common issues in this life that we battle with. But when you sit down and think of what JESUS did on the cross that should be the number one motivation. JESUS bled, was rejected, tortured, humiliated in every way and we can't forgive? JESUS was in the middle of being tortured, still pleading with the FATHER on our behalf," forgive them FATHER, they know not what they do." The next time you want to hold on to offense, hold on to this beautiful phrase of our beloved SAVIOR. This will help you. remember JESUS loves you and HE wants you free! be blessed!

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