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Repentance, A spiritual mandate

A lot of people, nonbelievers and even believers, don't pay much attention to this word in particular. To repent for some means, " Sorry LORD. better try next time". For others, they don't repent at all because they have the mindset that it doesn't pay for me to keep repenting if I'm gonna do it again! Sounds familiar? The truth is, that phrase and mindset is music to satan's ears! For him that means he has the full legal right to come into your life and do whatever GOD gives him the permission to do based on that way of living. The enemy knows of the power behind a repentant heart. Yes, you have the group that's always repenting and goes right back into the slop and then you have the group of those who sin, repent and are really sorry for the sin. When you truly repent, your heart expression is broken inside because you regret sinning against GOD. Whenever you have this heart's expression, you are on the right path. One who really doesn't glory in sin, feels horrible afterwards. Now there are some things we can do as believers that we may not even know is sin. This is why it's important to repent to GOD for known and unknown sins. GOD knows we won't get it right all the time, but HE also knows when we are not being real with HIM. If you are at least real with GOD, your chances of getting the help and strength you need is very great! The dangers of living a life of unrepentant sin, is you put yourself into a whole new spiritual bracket that calls for the judgment of the ALMIGHTY. In the bible, Samson was a great and mighty man for GOD. Unfortunately, he fell into the pit of Delilah who was sent on assignment to destroy him. There was a covenant GOD made with Samson that he was not to cut his hair under any circumstances. He fell weak to his flesh and gave in to the very one that would be used to destroy his life. He had an issue with lust so strong, he gave up something that was very precious to GOD. A covenant. In life, we have compromised things that GOD has clearly told us not to do and as a result, we set our own lives back. An unrepentant heart can also keep you in bondage which can hinder you spiritually! The message for today is make amends with GOD. Repent of your sins so HE can deliver you and break chains off of your life! Take back what satan stole and keep it moving! You are loved and forgiven. Remember what GOD says 2 Chronicles 30:9 For the LORD your GOD is gracious and compassionate. HE will not turn HIS face if you return to HIM. Be blessed always! Peace....

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