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The Narcissist Spirit

Good morning people! I believe GOD wants us to beware of this spirit because this is something that a lot of people are affected by and this spirit is very dangerous and its main purpose is not only to control you, but to ultimately destroy you. This spirit is called the spirit of Narcissism. The spirit of narcissism is a very evil spirit. Its roots come from the foundation of the Jezebel spirit which is pretty much equivalent because they go hand in hand. This spirit is ruthless and if you are not planted in the word of the living GOD, you will find yourself in a very low and dark position in which you will start to question your existence on this earth and even doubt GOD. This spirit feeds off of power and control. I will give you examples of how the spirit of narcissism operates and how you know you have been affected by it.

People who have the spirit of narcissism will do everything in their power to control and dictate your life. When they are endangered of losing control over you, they go into a rage and turn others against you.

They are cool with you as long as you don’t have your own mind or a backbone. Once you stand up to that spirit, they now perceive you as a threat.

When you react to their wicked tactics, they run off to team up with others by getting an entourage to conspire against you. They can even have a subtle way of rewarding the very people that they are attacking you with.

They are unapologetic. A genuine apology is far from their spirit and if they do apologize, you better believe it will be followed by finger pointing and blame you for the being the reason they did what they did.

They always play victim. They never see the wrong they do to others, they only see what others have done to them. They have no accountability! Its always your fault! They live a life of resentment and they hold grudges like a bucket holds water.

They are filled with sob stories to gain your trust and to make you feel sorry for them, but this is all an effort to put a hook in you and ultimately have you at their mercy! This I repeat is a dangerous spirit!!! This spirit is also filled with hypocrisy. They are very doubleminded and two faced. What you see is not what what you will always get from them. They can only hold that front for so long before the real them comes out.

They want to control how you feel and what you feel and always want to make everything about them. This spirit wants to be worshipped! They LOVE the spotlight, but they present a false meekness and humility in front of others to make you believe they are so humble.

If YOU are someone you know is operating in this spirit, remember, you cannot fight this spirit physically in Ephesians 6:12, it says, “ we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities powers and rulers of spiritual wickedness in high places, so therefore you must war in the spirit against not the person themselves, but that demonic narcissistic spirit that’s behind them. Go on a fast and ask for the fire of GOD to bring those spirits down from its high places. Don’t make excuses for this spirit! Fight and wage war against this spirit!!!!! IF you find you have these symptoms, repent and ask GOD to reveal it to you and to heal you so you can walk in peace. Pray for the person, but nevertheless, pray against that rotten spirit!!!

Share this post with family and friends. This can change your lives. Part 2 coming soon! Peace….

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