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The Narcissist Spirit Part 2

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The spirit of Narcissism Part 2

Many symptoms of a narcissistic person has a tendency to be bypassed by a person that’s just looking to be accepted and has low self esteem and has a past of troubled relationships and a broken childhood upbringing. These are the people satan targets the most because these type of people are always prone to battling abandonment issues from their past, so therefore they have a tendency to tolerate this raggedy spirit. All in an effort not to be alone. This is dangerous!!!

This spirit sucks the life out of you like a leech. It wants you to depend on it rather than depend on GOD ALMIGHTY! It competes with GOD and it will do whatever it has to do to be put on front row in your life. How many people have succumbed to the torments of this spirit and have ended up committing suicide! This is why this spirit is so dangerous, because this spirit is ruthless and control is far from being enough to satisfy the craving of this spirit.

So how do you know you have been affected by this spirit in a relationship? Lets see..

You second guess all of your decisions when it comes to dealing with this person with this spirit.

You still feel empty even if you have literally fulfilled this person’s every expectation

You start to constantly compare yourself to others. You obsess with your deficiencies.

You no longer value your self worth. You focus on idolizing this person


You basically live to please this person at all costs.

You question the things you know to be true

You drag your issues into the next relationship

In JESUS MIGHTY NAME, I STRONGLY urge you to seek the LORD and ask HIM to deliver you from this cage. Pray and go on a fast for however long the HOLY SPIRIT instructs you to do so. If this is family or friends, do the same and do not be afraid to love them from afar. Pray for them yes, but do not let the spirit behind them control your life because this can affect your children. Ask GOD for the renewal of your mind and destroy any ungodly soul tie to these people and be sure to spend time in GOD’S word to get confirmation and show yourself approved. Share! Share! Share! Your child may even be a victim of this spirit!


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