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The Rejected Stone

I want to personally start this word out with Acts 4:10 where the Apostle Peter was preaching to the Sadducees and the people about the power of JESUS CHRIST the MESSIAH. He spoke about how those who put JESUS on the cross and was raised from the dead, was highly rejected in the process. He talks about "The stone you builders rejected, has now become the cornerstone and not only that, but salvation can't come through absolutely no one else! JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH the one who takes away the sins of the world! Now you can't get to the FATHER but through HIM!!! So be careful what you say about that coworker that everyone laughs at and doesn't pay any mind to. GOD can make them your supervisor!

Let me bring this home again to those who understand rejection and being the outcast of family friends and so on. Rejection is the ingredient satan uses to keep you in bondage and live a life of being the victim. This where the spirit of narcissism also plays. Being rejected is not abnormal because our MESSIAH went through it and understands the feelings of betrayal, let downs and being misunderstood. Know how much HE loves you and HE can fill every void in your life. Voids can't be filled by family, money, relationships or substances of this modern day. You may have been what everyone would consider the black sheep of the family or the outcast, but these are the very people GOD chooses to carry out HIS will. Sometimes rejection is good when you think about it because GOD pulls HIS inventory from the back shelves to place in the front. Being popular on this earth means nothing in the eyes of GOD if you are only being affirmed by the world. It doesn't matter what people may have spoken over your life, GOD wants you! You may have gotten overlooked for the position you applied for, under looked by family and friends, or barely looked upon by these so called relationships trying fulfill this man or woman even at the cost of compromising what GOD says about it. Let me say this, GOD says you are fearfully and wonderfully made in HIS eyes. You are special and HE adores looking at you. Never let the rejection from others cloud your vision from seeing what GOD says about you. We all have deficits. Yes, even the popular people. When you find contentment in what GOD says about you, other people's opinions don't hold any weight. Remember, Black sheep are very beautiful because GOD made them.

Thank GOD for rejection from some people because many times GOD is weeding them out of your life for HIS reasons. Embrace being the outcast and watch GOD place you where the world wouldn't dream you'd be. So its ok to be misunderstood, its ok to be rejected, its even ok to be the black sheep. While everyone is out competing to look like what the world says you should look like, be at peace with what GOD has already said you are to HIM!

Peace! and i mean it!

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