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Those who were forgiven much, love much....

JESUS was praised and adored by a woman by the name of Mary, who showed HIM the utmost love and adoration, that not even HIS own disciples did this throughout their walk in HIS ministry. JESUS brings this to their attention as she broke that beautiful alabaster box of ointment and onto his feet bathed with tears and with her hair. The Pharisees were so steady focused on her sins to where they missed one of the biggest acts of worship in history! JESUS had to get their minds right starting with with HIS own disciple Peter. HE let Peter know in so many words, that as long as HE had been in HIS company, he didn't show JESUS half the love in worship as she did regardless of the fact that she had many sins. JESUS looked at her and told her, ''Your sins are forgiven". This beautiful act of humility gave her an eternal seat in heaven!

Lots of times in life, you come across the religious spirited folks that waste so much time focusing on the outer appearance and the negative things the world has to say about a person, that they are unaware of knowing that this could be a child of GOD they are turning that nose upon. They even go as far as saying JESUS wouldn't go to filthy places. Well newsflash, if HIS CHILD IN THAT FILTHY PLACE , HE'S GOING GET THEM!

It's not about church attendance, or how well you can recite scripture or how long your dress is., nor how clean your suit is to have the appearance of holiness, It's about your heart and your heart's obedience to GOD! The religious spirit is what causes people to stray away from church and even worse, the gospel! As believers, we have to not only talk love, but show love! love is an action word! Now it doesn't mean you make allowance for sin and be cool with it, but you can reproof a person from a loving perspective once you've given them the gospel. I love how the LORD used the ex murderers and ex prostitutes as vessels to carry out HIS word! That means GOD can use you no matter what background you came from! So before we zero in on one's faults and their past, take the time to pray for them and point them to CHRIST. Show that person the same grace and love that GOD showed you when you were caught up. Just because your dirt may haven't made the front page or local news, doesn't mean you weren't once guilty of the charges. Pray for one another, show love and be grateful GOD did the same for you!


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